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Additional criteria for School Direct (tuition fees) candidates

Trainees are only eligible to take up places on this route if they:

  • meet the conditions for eligibility for student support, as set out in part 2, schedule 1 of the Education (Student Support) Regulations
  • are eligible to pay the ‘home’ tuition fee after assessment using the criteria set out in the Education Regulations above;
  • are undertaking a designated course leading to QTS for the purposes of attracting student support as outlined in schedule 2 of the Education (Student Support) Regulations, and not an employment based ITT programme or adult education programme; and
  • meet the eight eligibility criterion for receiving the training bursary as set out in the training bursary guidance.
  • be an ‘eligible’ student for the provision of UK student support;
  • be training in an eligible ITT subject listed in Annex A;
  • hold a UK first degree with at least second class honours, or equivalent, or be training in maths, physics or Primary maths specialist (and specialism), hold a relevant degree and have at least a grade B A level in maths, further maths or physics;
  • be taking a qualifying postgraduate ITT course;
  • comply with the terms and conditions of the bursary scheme;
  • not already hold QTS, or be eligible to receive QTS;
  • not be undertaking paid teaching work when receiving the bursary; not be taking any other ITT course.


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